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If your account details have changed please let us know.

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Terms and Conditions

Please Note: Our records will be updated for the next applicable billing period. As per the membership conditions, notification of change of account is required at least 4 days before the next debit day for the changes to take effect in the next billing period. (The debit day is always the 1st day of each month)

I understand and accept the membership terms and conditions for pay by the month memberships. I further acknowledge that I have not relied upon any promise, statement or representation other than that contained in the terms and conditions of pay by the month memberships.

Pay by the month memberships

1. Age Limit
Minimum age limit 16 years (except Child Swim memberships).

2. Members ID card
Your membership card must be presented on each visit to the centre. If your membership includes use of the gymnasium you must carry your card at all times while using this area. All members must wear a wristband when using the spa and/or steam room.

3. Non transferable
Memberships are not transferable to other persons, products or services.

4. Refunds
All requests for refunds within the first 7 days of joining will be honoured in full, providing the facilities and services have not been used. If the membership has been used during these 7 days then the applicable costs will be deducted from the refund entitlement. All terms and conditions of membership are binding after 7days.

5. Payment
The billing period is from the first day to the last day of each month. The debit day is the 1st of each month. If the 1st falls on a public holiday or weekend, your account will be charged on the next business day. (Charges to a credit card may appear on your statement as late as 4 weeks into that billing period). It is your responsibility to have clear funds in your account on the due date of the charge. Should your monthly charge be dishonoured, payment remains due and payable. All costs incurred by Aquarena will be forwarded to the account holder.

6. Changes to account details
It is the member's responsibility to ensure that the nominated account is able to
accept direct debits. The member is responsible for notifying Aquarena in writing of any changes to account details. If the member is not the account holder, the member is responsible for forwarding all correspondence to the account holder.

7. Disputes
All disputes regarding a monthly membership payment should be referred to Aquarena Membership Administration by phone 9848 1300, email aquarena@ymca.org.au, or in writing to Aquarena Membership Administration, 139-153 Williamsons Road, Doncaster 3108.

8. Suspension
Notification of suspension must be received in writing at least 4 days before the debit day of the month in which the suspension is to occur. (The debit day is always the 1st day of each month). A start and end date of the suspension is required. The minimum suspension time is 14 consecutive days. Memberships may be suspended free of charge for holidays, work commitments, illness or injury etc for up to 8 weeks over a 12 month period. Once 8 weeks has accrued, any further suspension (including part of a month) will incur a fee of $10 per month. Maximum total suspension time is 6 months per 12 month period.

9. Cancellation
Notification of cancellation must be received in writing at least 4 days before the next debit day. (The debit day is always the 1st of each month). If notification is not received at least 4 days before the next debit day, the next monthly fee will be charged. No refund will be given.

10. Health Screening
A health screening and evaluation by one of our qualified fitness instructors is compulsory for gold and gold day members.

11. Gold Day Hours
Gold Day members can only use the centre during the following times: Monday to Friday 12.00-5.00pm (members must log in no later than 4.30pm and exit by 5.00pm) and anytime Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

12. Upgrades or Downgrades
A member may upgrade or downgrade a membership to another type.
Notification of a change of membership type must by received in writing at least 4 days before the next debit day. If an aquatics member is changing to the gold or gold day membership, the difference in the administration fee remains payable if they have been a member for less than 3 months.

13. Lockers
Are available to members at no cost subject to availability

14. Price Increases
One month's notice will be given in writing of any price increases. The new monthly charge will not be debited by Aquarena until one month's notice has been given.

15. Changes to conditions
The above terms and conditions may be changed at the discretion of management.
One month's notice will be given in writing detailing any such changes.

Due to swim carnival bookings, the outdoor 50 metre pool may be unavailable for periods of time during the warmer months. Prior notice will be given.

Notification in writing
Pay by the month alteration forms are available at reception. Letters, faxes or emails will be accepted. However it is the responsibility of the member to ensure that it has been received in accordance with the above terms and conditions.