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Translate our web pages

Browse our website in over 50 different languages

The City of Manningham is a culturally diverse community and Aquarena is committed to helping all residents overcome cultural and linguistic barriers to participation in our popular programs and services.Using the simple steps outlined below, individuals can browse our web pages in over 50 different languages using the Google translator tool.


 1. Visit the google home page
         Google home page
 2. Select the language tools link 
   Google with arrow
 3. Enter our web adress under the "Translate a web page" heading
   Google with web adress
 4. From the 2 drop down menu's just under the web adress, choose translation from English, to your preferred language, e.g. Chinese, and click on the translate tab
   Google with 2 fields
 5. Enjoy browsing our site in your preferred language
   Google chinese page view